Devlyn Lalonde

Devlyn is our newest analyst, bringing his experience from both the private and public sectors to Abacus Data. He has worked and consulted on

various projects ranging from Foreign Qualification Recognition to Millennial workplace integration. A former member of the Clerk of the Privy Council’s Youth Panel, he worked with the Institute of Public Administration Canada and Carleton University to engineer the first comprehensive Federal Public Service Millennial Work Attitudes Study in 2016 which has informed the Government of Canada’s Millennial recruitment and retention strategy.

At Abacus, Devlyn brings his expertise in computational neural psychology to broaden the breadth of the analysis we provide to our clients, adding key insights into the immerging discipline of behaviour science. A strong advocate in his community Devlyn also sits on several charity boards and is an avid volunteer.  He is passionate about education, financial literacy, and poverty alleviation.

Devlyn holds a Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management and specializes in Strategic Public Opinion and Policy Analysis.

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