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Not all Canadian Millennials are the Same: YSegmentation

The Canadian Millennial generation is unique from the generations that came before us. We grew up during a time of unprecedented economic growth, were educated during a time when self-esteem was the goal, and we are natural users of technology.

Yet, not all Millennials are the same. We see differences in our friends, neighbours, and colleagues at work. And we believe that these differences, this Millennial variation, has consequences on our behaviour and attitudes whether it be at work, in the store (or online store), or in the voting booth (if we show up at all).

Using a proprietary model, the Millennial research team identified 14 character and personality traits that we believe best differentiate our peers. Using these traits we performed cluster analysis and produced what we believe are six unique Canadian Millennial segments or groups that share similar personalities, outlooks, and traits.

These segments are important not only because they explain much of the differences we find in Millennial consumer behaviour or workplace expectations, but in way in which different Canadian Millennials interact with each other and consume and exchange information.

The Achiever

The Achiever knows what they want and is willing to go after it. They are outgoing, stylish, active and aware.

The achievers strive to do everything with their best effort. They want to be at the top of their class, they want to be the top of their field, they want to give it their all on the sports field and they want to read all the books for their book club (although they don’t always have the time). This group has the whole package, they dress for success, they try to stay up on the latest trends, and while they know their limitations they are willing to work with others to find the resources or support they need.

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The Stampeder

The Stampeder likes to be the centre of it all and are ready to go after life’s challenges. He is athletic, outgoing, adventurous and cultured.

Stampeders are a unique male segment. They like to be in the centre of it all and their friends would describe them to be outgoing, athletic, stylish, cultured and adventurous. In fact, Stampeders are really the female mirror of the Fireflies. They like to party, play videogames and watch sports. This group is creative, eco-conscious and aware of new technology. While they are focused on their career right now they don’t mind living at home until they can afford a place of their own. Stampeders are confident of themselves in most things and, for example, most believe that they would do better than average in a fist fight.

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The Pacer

The Pacer is connected, independent and confident. He prefers to stay home and stays connected online.

While they may be shy, Pacers know that people look to them for information on technology. They grew up and continue to be important trendsetters for technology and they relish that role. Pacers prefer to congregate with people who have similar interests instead of following the flock to malls and parties. These self-professed “couch potatoes” may prefer to stay home but they are more likely to communicate with people from all over the world through social networks, online groups, and multiplayer videogames online.

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The Simple Lifer

The Simple Lifer is easy-going and comfortable. The Simple Lifer is content with an uncomplicated routine.

Simple Lifers have worked to get where they are. They are content working for a large company and hope to own a comfortable home someday in the suburbs. These Millennials like to wear nice but functional clothing and drive nice but functional cars. Most Simple Lifers do not consider themselves eco-conscious or creative, in their free time they prefer to kick back and watch a sports game.

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The Spark

The Spark is conscious, creative and independent. She is happy taking in life at her own pace and wants to have a positive impact.

Sparks are eco-conscious, creative and want to make a difference. They tend to be more shy than outgoing. They value having free time and like being in the city where they can be close to everything. Most Sparks are working part-time jobs just to get them by and aren’t driven by career success right now. On a Saturday evening, Sparks would rather have a quiet night in than go out to a party.

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The Firefly

The Firefly lights up the night. She is active, spontaneous and carefree. She wants to have fun with her bffs and do good for the world.

Fireflies like to go out and have a good time. They are adventurous, outgoing and carefree. In fact, the Fireflies are almost the female mirror of the Stampeders. Driven by spontaneity they don’t usually make plans in advance. Whether they are in the gym or outdoors most Fireflies like to be active. Despite their wild ways, they hope to make a difference in the world someday.

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