Millennial Personality Quiz

We are NOT all the same

While Millennials as a generation have a lot in common we have found that there are differences that set some Millennial apart from others. This variation has consequences on Millennial behaviour and attitudes whether it is at work, in the store (or online store), or in the voting booth.


Using a proprietary model, our Millennial research team identified 14 character and personality traits that we believe best differentiate our peers. Using these traits we performed cluster analysis and produced six unique Canadian Millennial segments or groups that share similar personalities, outlooks, and traits.


These segments inform the research we do when looking at this generation and they help us explain many of the differences we find in Millennial consumer behaviour or workplace expectations, as well as the way Canadian Millennials interact with each other and consume and exchange information.


Take the short quiz below and find out what type of Canadian Millennial you are.  Don’t forget to share it with your friends on Facebook.


Millennial Personality Quiz