Gen Y and Millennial moms having more kids and abandoning helicopter parenting

Sarah Boesveld | April 24, 2014 | Last Updated: Apr 24 7:42 PM ET A new generation of laid-back mothers is rewriting the playbook on parenting, ditching the hands-on helicoptering of older mothers and»

— April 25, 2014

Why advertisers are getting millennial men all wrong…

Dante Atkins, Sunday 20 April 2014 16.00 BST Ah, millennials. In some circles, we’re known as the generation that wants a trophy just for showing up. The youngsters who expect»

— April 23, 2014

Slow start, shaky future for millennials

Dan Horn, The Cincinnati Enquirer6:04 a.m. EDT March 16, 2014 CINCINNATI — A swipe through her phone’s personal finance app tells Jessica Sebastian all she needs to know about retirement.»

— March 16, 2014

Sorry Banks, Millennials Hate You.

BY ALICE TRUONG When Scratch polled 10,000 millennials to find out which industry was most prime for disruption, the results were clear: Not only did banks make up four of their»

— March 9, 2014

Why Craft Beer is ‘The One’

This week I’m working on posts to respond to a question posed by reader Briana, who took interest in my (now ongoing) series about the cross section of craft beer»

— December 13, 2013

On Pay Gap, Millennial Women Near Parity – For Now

A new cohort of young women—members of the so-called Millennial generation—has been entering the workforce for the past decade. At the starting line of their careers, they are better educated»

— December 13, 2013

Millennials want to be the boss; boomers don’t

When General Motors GM +0.67%   this week named Mary Barra, 51, its next CEO, it cracked a century-old glass ceiling. Perhaps more surprising, however: Most workers of Barra’s generation claim they don’t want»

— December 13, 2013

Millennials Look to Friends to Determine Their Spending Habits

A new survey from the American Institute of CPAs and the Ad Council shows that millennials reference their friends’ spending habits to determine how to spend their money. An astounding 78% of»

— November 7, 2013