About Us

Who are the Millennials?

The Net Generation, Screenagers, Digital Natives, Generation Y, or the Echo Boom, the Millennials are the roughly nine million Canadians born between 1980 and 2000. This generation thinks differently, communicates differently, and is changing the way the world works. This website is about them.

What We Study

Using innovative segmentation analysis, the research team at Abacus Data studies three broad areas:

The Millennial Consumer

The Millennial Employee

The Millennial Citizen

What We Can Do for You

Whether studying Canadian Millennial attitudes towards their job, the newest technology, social media, or politics, Abacus Data brings a fresh, unconventional, Millennial curiosity to research.

Please review our services and discover how we can help your business better understand Canada’s largest and most influential consumer group:

Research and Web Briefs

Workshops and Speaking

Youth Focus Groups

Custom Surveys

Intercept Studies

Millennials Audits

Ad and Concept Testing

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